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Is Apple’s iCloud service running on Teradata?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

In the process of making my rounds of the Interwebs last night I noticed something pretty interesting while skimming through Engadget’s WWDC coverage. It appears that the new iCloud service might be using Teradata for at least part of its backend…my hunch would be analytics.

Now bear in mind I’m basing my speculation solely on the image shown behind Steve Jobs at the link above, but if you check out any of the appliances on Teradata’s product page you’ll understand how I reached this conclusion. The chassis of Teradata’s appliances are a dead ringer for the hardware shown in the keynote deck. For a company as image conscious as Apple, I can’t imagine they would give that kind of love (even as a keynote backdrop) to a brand they weren’t actually doing business with.

If this is actually the case, Teradata appears to have landed a marquee data warehousing account given that Apple’s iCloud offering will have to scale massively over time as Apple dukes it out with Google for client-side ubiquity.

In a segment estimated to be worth billions already, being able to use Apple as a reference customer would be incredible ammo for Teradata against the likes of Netezza and Vertica moving forward…if they have actually won Apple’s business. It’ll be interesting to see if any additional info. regarding iCloud’s infrastructure comes out once buzz about the service itself dies down.